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Welcome to the Tycho Brahe Museum

The Tycho Brahe Museum showcases one of the most important figures in science, the Skansk/Danish nobleman Tycho Brahe.

At the end of the 16th century he had an advanced research centre on the island of Ven with a castle and observatory.

This was groundbreaking work and discoveries in astronomy were made that has served as a basis for our modern world view. At the museum you can marvel at Tycho in both our exhibitions and in the places where he lived and worked.


The Tycho Brahe Museum is rebuilding!

On the 1st of October the museum is closing for the season.

This winter is looking a bit different than usual. The museum staff will, during this winter, be working with a new big exhibition. That means that from time to time there will be construction work going on inside the old Allhelgona church, which is where this exhibition is situated. Therefor it will be difficult to visit that part of the museum between times and this can affect our possibility to receive booked groups. But to the extent that it is possible, we will still receive booked groups for private tours.

The rest of the museum, the reconstructed renaissance garden and the underground observatory Stjärneborg, is not affected by the work with the new exhibition. And the renaissance garden, which is also the place where Tychos castle Uraniborg once was placed, is our winter open part and possible to visit without booking. Until April it is also free of charge to visit the garden.

We hope for your understanding and are very happy to be able to show you the new exhibition in May 2019!

If you are curious to know more about the processes of the new exhibition, please follow us at Instagram! 

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The Tycho Brahe Museum
Landsvägen 182 Ven
+ 46 (0) 418 47 31 09

Opening Hours
May–June 11.00–16.00
July 11.00–17.00
Aug–Sept 11.00–16.00
Open for booked tours all year round.



Landsvägen 182, Ven