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Welcome to the Tycho Brahe Museum

The Tycho Brahe Museum showcases one of the most important figures in science, the Skansk/Danish nobleman Tycho Brahe.

At the end of the 16th century he had an advanced research centre on the island of Ven with a castle and observatory.

This was groundbreaking work and discoveries in astronomy were made that has served as a basis for our modern world view. At the museum you can marvel at Tycho in both our exhibitions and in the places where he lived and worked.

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The Tycho Brahe Museum
Landsvägen 182 Ven
+ 46 (0) 418 47 31 09

Opening Hours
May–June 11.00–16.00
July 11.00–17.00
Aug–Sept 11.00–16.00
Open for booked tours all year round.



Landsvägen 182, Ven