En Sv

In the middle of Ven

The Tycho Brahe Museum is located at the site of the astronomer's compound on the island Ven, in the middle of the Öresund.

The area consists of the exhibitions in the former All Saints Church, the Stjärneborg observatory, a recreated Renaissance garden, and a historical playground. The remains of Brahe’s castle and observatory are fixed ancient monuments in the area. 

The Tycho Brahe Museum aims to spread knowledge of Tycho Brahe’s time on Ven and create an interest in his life’s work. This is done through a broad range of educational activities for the general public and schools, as well as through ad hoc events and exhibitions.

Tycho Brahe’s work has been fundamental in creating our modern worldview. This makes the museum one of the most important scientific historical places in northern Europe.

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