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An account of Tycho's life and activities

The Tycho Brahe museum's new exhibition Naked Eye opened in the spring of 2019. 

Naked Eye

Welcome to a unique exhibition about Tycho Brahe. It is logical that it should be unique: Tycho Brahe himself was unique. He created the world’s most modern astronomical research institute on Ven. It was here he questioned the thousand-year-old laws that were said to govern the universe. It was here he performed calculations that would remain valid for three hundred years. It was here he identified and named 777 stars, with his Naked Eye.

De Nova Stella – a star changes

Relive Tycho Brahe’s supernova! The museum welcomes you to take a step out into space and a step back in time. From a secluded planet, just outside the constellation Cassiopeia, you can relive a real celebrity. Tycho Brahe documented a supernova in 1572, seen from the earth. The event was groundbreaking, and became the start of a whole new picture of the world.

Insula Hvæna – residents of Ven in the 1500s

An exhibit and window on the 16th century that is not just about noblemen and science. In the digital exhibition Insula Hvæna, we meet the 16th-century residents of Ven – the farmers, fishermen and children of the village.

Uraniborg – bit by bit

Experience Uraniborg from the inside and meet with some of the people who lived and worked there! Together with relics from the castle, some of its most exciting rooms are demonstrated in a digital reconstruction.

Tyco Brahe’s castle Uraniborg was established in 1580. Less than 40 years later it was demolished. Only fragments remain of the castle, which in its construction was unique for its time.

See how archaeological pieces come to life in stories about how life in the castle might have looked. How were the festivities in the green hall? What did they cook in the kitchen? And what actually happened down in the alchemical lab?

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