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A trail from the museum to the mainland

Ven has a planetary trail that gives you an idea of the planet's distances to each other, the attributes of each planet, and how Tycho Brahe studied them.

The trail is heliocentric in its design, and the sun is placed in front of the Tycho Brahe Museum, today located in Allhelgonakyrkan (All Saints Church). From there, the trail continues down to Cykeluthyrningen (the bike rental place) just above Bäckviken. You should start here, with Saturn the sixth planet form the Sun, and the last planet that would have that would have been visible for Tycho Brahe. Hike along Landsvägen and look for the planet-shaped signs along the edge of the trail.

Each sign has descriptions in both Swedish and English. The planets listed on the signs are marked and their sizes are scaled to match the model of the sun at the museum. The distances between the planets are also according to scale. The planetary trail this way represents a miniature solar system, with a hiking distance of approximately 1.5 km (1 mile).

Book a guided tour of the planetary trail! For an hour, we will immerse ourselves in the special character of each planet and the mythology that surrounds them, Tycho's observations, and the worldview of the 16th century. 

The planet trail was built up with the help of grants from the EU Goal2 Islands, Region Skåne, The Future Culture Foundation and Landskrona Home Corp. Ven’s goat cheese, Ven’s bicycle rental and Christer Eriksson have freely offered land for the planet models

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