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A reconstructed Renaissance Garden

Tycho Brahe's castle Uraniborg was surrounded by an amazing botanical garden. According to renaissance ideals it was shaped into squares, triangles and circles.

The idea was that the garden would reproduce the Garden of Eden. Fruits and herbs, which were later used in Tycho Brahe’s alchemical medicine works, were cultivated here. 

When Tycho left Ven, his facility was gradually destroyed. Starting in the 1990s, about half of the garden has been reconstructed. Among other things, plants that are known to have grown in Danish castle and monastery gardens in the 16th century have been planted. 

Today, the garden consists of two parts. A quartile is planted the way we believe the garden once looked. In the second quartile, the plants are set  according to their medicinal function and areas of use.

The recreation of the garden has been carried out in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp.

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