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An underground observatory

The ruin of Tycho Brahe’s underground observatory is one of the museum's highlights, as it contains original remains of his facilities at Ven.

The observatory was built in 1584 as a more weather-protected location of observation than the balconies at the castle Uraniborg which, until then, harbored Tycho’s instruments. It was here Brahe and his assistants performed the most precise measurements of the positions and movements of the universe up to that time. These were later the basis for Johannes Kepler’s revolutionary interpretation of our solar system.

Like Tycho Brahe’s other buildings, Stjärneborg was also demolished. However, in the 20th century the remains were excavated and covered with a reconstruction of the original buildings above ground. Where Tycho's instruments previously were stored, scaled copies have now been placed. 

At this historic site, visitors are able to watch a seven minute sound and light show, depicting a night with observations under Tycho’s direction. The show starts once a quarter - tickets can be bought and seat reservations made at the entrance of the museum.

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