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Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the Tycho Brahe Museumto

Our aim is that everyone should have the same possibilities to experience and information when visiting the Museum.

The permanent ancient and architectural monuments on the area that can't be adapted physically have been made available on tablets, that can be borrowed at the Museum. For information on gates, corridors and physical accessibility, see map below.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about accessibility at the Tycho Brahe Museum. 
Karta över Tycho Brahe-museet

1. Entrance and entrance doors 9. Earth banks
2. Gates 90 cm / 35 in. 10. Uraniborg Castle, entrances 120–160 cm / 47–63 in.
3. Ramp 220 cm / 87 in. 11. Primi Propagines exhibition
4. Gravel paths, approx. 230 cm/90 in. 12. Hoc vallum e Molam exhibition
5. Cellar at servants’ quarters 13. Turnstiles
6. Garden paths 60–85 cm / 24–33 in. 14. Stjärneborg Observatory
7. Garden paths 120 cm / 47 in. 15. Tycho Brahe Café
8. Urania Titani exhibition 16. Toilets – WCs and accessible toilets

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