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School Programs

Interest in science and history are brought by curiosity and opportunity for your own discoveries!

In the Tycho Brahe Museum’s educational programs history of science meets ingenuity, based on Tycho Brahe’s work.

Discover the Tycho Brahe Museum and its observatory, historical playground, renaissance garden and planet trail! The educational program last about 45 - 60 minutes, including a guided tour on the life of Tycho Brahe's life and work on Ven. All programs are tailored to grade, special needs and desires.

In order for you to get the most out of your visit here, we have limited the number of children to 30 per educator.  

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Admission fees

Educational program 40 SEK/student
Educational program including ferry 108 SEK/student
Educational program, schools in Landskrona: 85 SEK/student

Visits outside the museum's regular opening hours, will be charged with SEK 800. 

The museum is open for pre-booked groups all year around. 

Visit without a guide

Admission fee for students (SEK 40 per student) also applies to school visits without a booked school program. 

Would you like to book a museum visit including crossing? Follow the steps below.

1. Make a booking request for a guided tour at the Tycho Brahe museum by following the link above.

2. Forward your booking of the guided tour to Ventrafiken at info@ventrafiken.se. Specify when you would like to travel, number of persons etc. Communicate directly with Ventrafiken regarding departures, number of passengers etc. 

3. Cancellation of a guided tour can only be made at the Tycho Brahe Museum on (+46) 418 - 47 31 09 or tycho.brahe@landskrona.se


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