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Let us tell you the story of Tycho Brahe

Our guided, thematic tours are the best way to experience the museum and get the most out of your visit. We also give tours by bike.

Our guided tours can be given in several languages. Reservation requests can be made through the booking form below. 

For questions, please contact us at tycho.brahe@landskrona.se.

Booking request form

The Museum is open for booked groups all year round. 

For guided tours outside the regular opening hours of the museum, an extra cost of SEK 800 per guide will be charged. 

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The Tycho Brahe Museum
Landsvägen 182 Ven


+ 46 (0) 418 47 31 09



Opening Hours

Weekends only
14 - 30 April 09.30–14.00

Every day
May 09.30–16.00
1-15 June 09.30-16.00
16 June - 15 August 09.30–17.30
Midsummer eve closed

Weekends only

September - October 09.30 - 14.00


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