Outdoors activities in nature loving Landskrona

From the hills around Landskrona you can spot several Swedish cities and even some in Denmark, including the capital Copenhagen. As far as the eye can see there are nature and outdoors activities waiting for you and your family to experience them.

How about those views?
Heading north up the coastline from Landskrona lie the Glumslöv hills and Hilleshögs valleys. The highest points here rise some 100 metres above the waters and on a clear day you can see 30 churches and 7 cities in Sweden and Denmark. You also get to see the island of Ven, which is where we are going next.

Ven island
Ven is known as ‘the pearl of the Öresund’ and we wouldn’t disagree. You get to the island by ferry from Skeppsbron harbour in Landskrona and it is just 30 minutes’ away. So, what to do on Ven?

There are various ways of getting around on mostly car-free Ven including cycling, golf-cart, tractor drawn wagonsand by bus. But we’ll do it the eco-friendly way by walking and on horseback. There is a walking trail, some 12km-long around the island that takes in the unique grassy slopes that Ven is famous for, as well as the gorgeous shoreline, rolling fields and pretty much all the attractions of Ven, including; the 12th century S:t Ibbs church, the Tycho Brahe Museum, the three tiny settlements of the island and various eateries that serve up locally specialties like durum pasta and ecological goats cheese. If you fancy a bit of four-legged company you can walk with an Alpaca in tow here.

Or how about seeing some of Ven on the back of rugged Ardennes horse? This one is for experienced riders.

Yes, you can go fishing in the centre of town in Landskrona. That usually messes with our visitors’ head, but it is true. At the moat surrounding Landskrona Citadel, the 16th century fortress built to protect the citizens of the town, there is put and take fishing for salmon trout and rainbow trout and you can fish from dawn till dusk. You need a fishing permit and you can buy one at Fiskekontoret (the ‘fishingoffice’), which is right by the moat.

On the river Saxån, just south of Landskrona you can also go fishing and there are canoes for hire.

And what fishing enthusiast could resist fishing in the Öresund? The boats M/S Linda and M/S Emma leave from Stadshuskajen (harbour) in Landskrona and take you to the depths off Ven island to catch cod, herring, mackerel and various flatfish species. Go here for details.

There are gorgeous sandy beaches at Borstahusen and Ålabodarna, a couple of km up the coast from Landskrona. Hop aboard a ferry at Skeppsbron harbour in Landskrona for Ven and the beaches at Norreborg, Bäckviken and Kyrkbacken. Bring your swimming gear when you come to Landskrona, but make sure it’s summertime.

Skåneleden is a gorgeous 13 km walk that starts at Landskrona Citadel and finishes at the village of Fortuna going north up the coast. The walk takes in the Linjen seafront walk, Borstahusen fishing village and harbour, as well as beaches, ancient sites, a shipwreck and the valleys of Hilleshög. The walk takes about and 3 hours and is well marked.
Visit the Skåneleden Trail web site here.

Now that you know about the nature experiences and outdoors activities on offer in and around Landskrona, what are you waiting for ?

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